Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII


» Greetings from the 1st Burgomaster

Dear Guests!
Find out more about our market town. Certainly you will find hints that will ease or help avoid a visit to the town hall. Link in and you will see that, even though we are only a small market town in the region of Altötting, we have a lot to offer.

Marktl is a market town in the region of Altötting with 2,700 inhabitants and an area of 2,800 hectares. Situated in a beautiful landscape between the Inn and Alz, the village has two nature reserves with exceptional fauna and flora.

Marktl lies directly on the Inn valley cycle path, with many opportunities to be able to take cycling tours in the near and distant surroundings, and in the footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI. In addition, the village has many leisure and recreational offerings.

Culturally too, we have a lot to offer: pay a visit to St. Oswald`s church, the Baptistery of the Holy Father with the newly renovated baptismal font, and the St. Nicholas church in Bergham plus our churches in Leonberg are certainly worth seeing.

Marktl is, since the year 1422, a traditional market with many attractions, with a rich historical past, extraordinary scenic beauty and a viable and lovable community that welcomes its guests from near and far.
I hope I have awoken your curiosity and that you visit us soon!

Cordial Greetings

Hubert Gschwendtner,
1st Burgomaster