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St. Oswald Church, Marktl
Baptistery of Pope Benedict XVI.

As an endowment of the pious Count Berengar III of Leonberg (died 1296), the church of St. Oswald was erected in the Gothic style. The consecration of this first recorded sacred building in Marktl took place in 1297. Due to a lightning strike in August 1701, the church and the greater part of the market were destroyed by fire. However, by 1702 it had been re-built. During the following century it gradually became too small, leading to it being restructured in 1853. Of the building standing from that time, the presbytery with the neo-Gothic altar dating from 1857 was retained during the reconstruction in 1964. Pope Benedict XVI. was baptized in this church on the 16th of April 1927.

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St. Nicholas Church, Bergham

The St. Nicholas church, a Gothic limestone-ashlar construction located on the steep banks of the River Inn, dates back to the 12th Century and was extended in 1523. The older part of the church shows a net vault and the attachment of a cross vault. The Romanesque north wall and the Gothic nave, as well as the early baroque altar and rococo tabernacle, result in a harmonious unit.

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St. Sebastian Church, Leonberg

The patronage of the St. Sebastian church relates to the period of the plague, during which Saint Sebastian was venerated in this area as the protective saint. As the castle chapel of the Counts of Leonberg, until 1585 it stood close to the castle. The chapel threatened - as well as the castle – to tumble into the Inn. Consequently, in 1585 the building was dismantled and in 1586 reconstruction began at the current location.

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