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Marktl am Inn

Marktl am Inn is a small market town in Upper Bavaria, idyllically situated between the rivers Inn and Alz, and is only a few kilometers away from the famous Bavarian pilgrimage site for Maria, in Altoetting, as well as the longest castle in Europe, in the Wittelsbach town of Burghausen on the Salzach.

Nestling in unspoilt nature, Marktl am Inn is a nodal point for cyclists and ramblers. The well-known Inn cycle path leads through this picturesque town. Here holidaymakers can recuperate and practice physical activities.

Birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI

The 19th of April 2005 heralded a new era in Marktl: Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the most famous son and honorary citizen of the community, was elected pope. The new head of the Catholic Church took the name Pope Benedict XVI. and, in the following year, visited his birthplace. Since that time, the birth place of the Holy Father has become world famous and has established itself as an excursion and holiday destination in the beautiful Upper Bavarian foothills of the Alps, between the Chiemsee, Passau and Munich.

Pope Benedict XVI. has left many traces at his place of birth. His house of birth has become a place worthy for a meeting with the faith, and in quite the way that the Holy Father himself wished it to be: in the permanent exhibition visitors can learn about biographical details and background information on the life and works of Joseph Ratzinger, themed tours and updated exhibitions. This year a special exhibition is dedicated to the theme "Homeland and Pope Benedict XVI."

On the night of the 16th of April 1927 in the parish church of St. Oswald, Joseph Ratzinger was baptised with the newly consecrated baptismal water. Every believer can linger in silent prayer before the baptismal font of the Holy Father in the parish church of St. Oswald.

The Heimatbund Marktl is to be thanked that this baptismal font has not been lost over the decades. During his visit in 2006, the baptismal font was brought back into the parish church of St. Oswald. The Holy Father himself thanked the Heimatbund Marktl with gifts from his own private property, namely, a chalice with a golden tablet and a skullcap. These personal Mass utensils can be seen in the local museum.

Standing in the market place, as a visible symbol of the Christian Gospel towering towards heaven, is the 4.2 meters high bronze Benedict column. The artist Joseph Michael Neustifter created this work of art for the visit by the Holy Father in 2006. Sayings and scenes from the lives of both Saint Benedict of Nursia and Pope Benedict XVI., as well as scenes from the Christian Gospel, can be seen in a unique way on this column shaped as a scroll.

A Natural Treasure for Everyone

Marktl am Inn is blessed as the birthplace of the Holy Father and blessed with an intact and beautiful natural world. Well-developed cycling and rambling tours are beautifully framed between the banks of the Inn and the towering escarpments of the Dachlwand and the Leonberg.

The district of Marktlberg, above the Inn, offers a magnificent distance panorama over the river valleys of the Inn and the Alz. On a clear day the view extends to the mountain chain.

The rambler is standing on historic ground, for here and as early as the 13th Century, high above the Inn, stood the castle of the Counts of Leonberg. Further inwards, in 1586, the chapel of the noble family was rebuilt: the pilgrimage church of St. Sebastian in Leonberg.
The castle itself fell into the waters of the Inn.

The history of the market dates back to the Bronze Age and Celtic times. Many finds from this period can be admired in the Local History Museum.

The Inn has always played an important role for the market town: for example, goods such as salt and wood were transported on the river. On the steep slope in Bergham the little church of St. Nicholas, with its Romanesque foundations and its consecration to the patron saint of river navigation, bears witness to the immense importance of the shipping trade in times long past.

Bordering on Marktl are two nature reserves: the Innleite with the "Dachlwand" and the area of the "Lower Alz". The golf course "Falkenhof" is directly adjoining. In the summer, the Marktler lake invites you to refresh yourself.

Marktl am Inn - birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI. and a natural treasure - offers meetings of faith and a chance to breathe deeply in beautiful surroundings. Visitors will find it is an ideal starting point for excursions into the adjacent Bavarian and Austrian localities. Visitors from near and far are welcome here and will be warmly greeted in the Tourist Information Office, such that they would like to return to Marktl am Inn.
The Tourist Information Office mediates various guest and theme tours and is at your side for the customising of your visit to Marktl am Inn.

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